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Pastors, Leaders, Missionaries and Staff
June 24–June 26, 2025
4343 Fuller Rd
West Des Moines, IA 50265

EFCA One is the biennial national conference of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).

Why Do We Gather?

Jesus prayed for all believers, that we would be one (John 17). As Paul reminds us, the church is called to unity—one body, one spirit, one hope (Ephesians 4). We choose to come together to celebrate the things that bring us together as a movement.

What Happens at EFCA One?

EFCA One is a homecoming, not to a nostalgic past or an imagined future but to the values—and the One—that unite us as a movement.

  • All aspects will be grounded in the gospel (the Scriptures) with the goal of magnifying and responding to the person and work of Jesus Christ as revealed by the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father.
  • We share a passion for God’s Word, superbly taught. EFCA One will feature expository preaching by celebrated teachers, known for the depth of their insights.
  • We share a love for worship, exalting Him. EFCA One will host diverse, gifted musicians to magnify our worship experience.
  • We share a hunger for relationship. EFCA One will provide the venue—and the freedom—to pursue and renew deep fellowship.
  • We share a desire for growth. EFCA One will offer a well-chosen suite of workshop sessions, emphasizing quality, relevance and opportunities to participate.
  • EFCA One is an opportunity to come together, grow together and worship together.

Who Should Come?

Topics are designed with pastors, missionaries, leaders and leadership teams in mind, but the conference is open to everyone within the EFCA movement.

Learn More

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