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August 8, 2024
1:00 pm–2:30 pm CDT

Join us for our Q&A-style, fall ministry kickoff webinar.

About the event

How can we help you prepare for fall programming to best accommodate all types of learners? Can we help you to 'think outside the box' when designing accessible ministries? Would you like to connect with other ministry leaders to brainstorm new ideas to fit your context? Would you like ideas for reaching non-church attenders through creating a more welcoming environment? Do you need some curriculum resources?

You’re invited to submit any questions for us to answer related to disability ministry. You can submit your questions when you register.

About the ministry

Disability and Special Needs Ministry is an effort within EFCA ReachNational and the All People Initiative with the purpose to encourage and equip EFCA churches to fully include people with disabilities and special needs in the ministry, worship, leadership and life of the church. We do this by communicating the theology, philosophy and principles of effective ministry; gathering data on EFCA programs and leaders; and providing and resources, models, coaching and community for leaders.

This Affinity Group is one of the primary means by which we communicate with leaders in the EFCA movement, build community and share resources. We gather regularly, whether virtually or in person, to meet the needs of leaders doing the work on the ground and shapes the culture of our movement to better reflect Christ.

Please join us if you are a leader or aspiring leader in an EFCA church or ministry and you live with a disability or special need, you lead a disability or special needs ministry, or you desire to better serve people affected by disabilities and special needs.


Contact Ben Johnson.